Some more or less completed private software projects of mine.

Take Away

A Mac app for keeping iTunes libraries in sync across multiple machines. Development stopped after Apples announcement of iTunes Match which solved the same basic issue through the cloud.

Take Away - Main Window

The main window of Take Away that shows the sync state and buttons for adding new rules or to perform a sync.


Minimal library making handling of SQL queries in Scala a bit easier. It takes care of connection handling/pooling, SQL escaping, parameter conversion and to some extent transaction handling. No longer actively developed since better alternatives like Slick from Lightbend popped up.

Github Repository


A personal information manager written in C++ for BeOS, implemented using file attributes making it very integrated with system.

BeOrganised - List of Appointments

Query and view appointments directly in file manager.

BeOrganised - List of Todos

Query and view todos directly in file manager.

BeOrganised - Edit Appointment

Create or edit an appointment.

BeOrganised - Edit Todo

Create or edit a todo.


Minimal Jabber client written in C++ for BeOS. Was written out of necessity and supported only the chat-related parts of the protocol.

Olmeki - Chat Window

The main chat window.

Olmeki - Contact Window

Contact details window.

Olmeki - Contact List

Contact list can be queried in the file system.


A client for the XML-based Instant messaging platform Jabber, written for Mac OS X/Cocoa and Linux/GNUstep in Objective-C. Designed to be modular and easy to extend with new functionality it relies heavily on plugins providing protocol-specific functionality. This in order to be able to cope with the changes of the Jabber extension protocols.

Rabbel - Chat Window

The main chat window with the good old Cocoa-folder.

Rabbel - Contact List

The very simple contact list window.